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In an ever-changing economy, businesses and services come and go. But with Famo Feeds you can rely on decades of consistent service, trusted performance and high quality feed products. This tradition of service began in 1903 and leads the way into the 21st century.

 Famo Feeds, Inc is an animal nutrition business that manufactures and markets a full line of livestock and poultry feeds.


Famo Feeds' product line for ruminants, swine, poultry, horses and pets includes:

* Complete feeds
* Starter feeds
* Supplements
* Concentrates
* Vitamins
* Minerals
* Pre-mixes
* Base Mixes
* Milk replacers
* Animal Health
* Preservatives / Inoculants
* Tubs
* Pet Foods

 The Famo Feeds product line is based on both science and service. On staff nutritionist and veterinarian are utilized. Formulas are monitored to make sure they incorporate the most current information from the scientific community. In addition, experienced, trained nutrition and sales specialists provide the expertise to help producers succeed.

 Because Famo Feeds offers nutritional services and a complete and diverse line of livestock feeds, you have the advantage of dealing with only one supplier. This means fewer phone calls, deliveries and less paperwork - all features that will allow your operation to run more efficiently.

We stock a complete line of bag and bulk feeds.  
Call 320-668-2323. Ask for Darin or Doug



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